Cultural Center in Austria

The new Montforthaus is a multi-purpose cultural centre for the people of Feldkirch and the surrounding region. It is versatile enough to host conventions, balls, trade fairs, classical concerts, pop concerts and theatre performance. portada_08_HJA_Berlin_MFH_SB_DSC_0088 The Montforthaus is harmoniously embedded in the

Elwood Residence / SJB


While the brief for this project included a specific aesthetic, the uniqueness of this home is extraordinary. Residing in an inner suburb of Melbourne, the sculptural form of the house has been inserted into the residential landscape, with

BLACKPACK cycling backpack

A new concept about backpack. Modern design and very useful in cycling. Inspired by turtles protective shell, the Blackpack incorporates clever innovative features to protect you from the dangers of the urban environment. With built-in lights, waterproof seams, easy close zippers and a hard faceted shell.