10519498_1557548874494079_1619636078217071724_n100Architecture is an online magazine which caters to its readers with up-to date, relevant information about architecture and its many branches! An inside look into the new design tendencies all around the world, not only focusing on architectural construction building but furniture and interior design as well! Providing exciting and interesting interviews and articles of architects all around, giving the not too-known architects a chance to shine with the public, and proving architectural insight!

We are in love with man’s imagination and entering his architecture is like entering a magical world, filled with poetry and esthetics. Architecture is a lifestyle and there are so many possibilities to make that come to life, where there is no right-way or just one-way to create it.

The mind is an endless sea of imaginative ingredients ready to explode!

Just like the famous and very well-known architect, Frank Lloyd Wright once said: “The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization”.

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