Elwood Residence / SJB


While the brief for this project included a specific aesthetic, the uniqueness of this home is extraordinary. Residing in an inner suburb of Melbourne, the sculptural form of the house has been inserted into the residential landscape, with a cantilevered upper-floor clad in aluminium slats, the day-time presence is that of a textured and patinated container over glass. At night, however, when lit from within, the upper floor becomes a lantern, while the lower floor falls away to give the impression of a single sculptural form floating in the night sky.

01_Elwood_Residence_Peter_Clarke_SJB 02_Elwood_Residence_Aaron_Puls_SJB                   03_Elwood_Residence_Peter_Clarke_SJB 04_Elwood_Residence_Peter_Clarke_SJB

On an exceptionally narrow site, the solution was to build to the full boundary of the block, effectively making the new house as wide as possible without creating laneways between the adjoining houses.

Contained within glass walls, two of the four courtyards read as a continuation of the living area with the largest courtyard at the rear of the property. To one side a long swimming pool follows the boundary, while the opposite side provides a louvered skylight that continues out from the house to the garage as a long cantilevered canopy.

07_Elwood_Residence_Secondary_GF_Plan_SJB 08_Elwood_Residence_Secondary_L1_Plan_SJB


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