3D Printing Your Emotions Into Gold

Brazil-based architects Estudio Guto Requena, working with digital product studio D3, has launched an app that collects emotions to create a unique piece of jewelry. That, and some 3D-printed craftsmanship direct from the design you generate via their new app. Coined the Aura Pendant, the final product is an intricately woven golden pendant that can be gifted to yourself or a loved one.

The pendant app instructs the user to find a quiet spot to begin the design process. To create the pendant, the user must place their index finger on the camera of their phone, and “tell their love story” by speaking into their phone while the app records. Sensors capture biofeedback from your smartphone: the emotions generated from your voice, as well as measuring the heartbeat from your finger. The emotional data collected controls the behaviour of particles (velocity, thickness, attraction, and repulsion) to shape the pendant. Finally, with the design sent off, the pendant is first 3D printed, then cast into 18k gold.

IMG_9014 aura_pendant_2 07 _MG_8237

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