Dream Designs

10 DESIGN Wins Competition for Massive Urban Development in Zhuhai

10 DESIGN has won a competition to design China Resources Land’s (CR Land) "Hengqin Wanxiang World," a 2.3 million square

Cultural Center in Austria

The new Montforthaus is a multi-purpose cultural centre for the people of Feldkirch and the surrounding region. It is versatile enough to host conventions, balls,

Design and Gadgets

BLACKPACK cycling backpack

A new concept about backpack. Modern design and very useful in cycling. Inspired by turtles protective shell, the Blackpack incorporates clever innovative features to protect you

Architectural details replace card numbers in Playhouse Cards.

Inspired by Ernst Neufert’s anthropometric designs in The Architect’s Data handbook, Studio Entice‘s Playhouse Cards use architectural details that correspond to typical spaces